Why Choose a Sales Job


Those who have never considered holding a sales position before tend to hold a few misconceptions about the job. Myths about cold calling and door-to-door sales, thankfully, could not be further from the truth. In fact, a career in sales is one of the most appealing options available for numerous reasons.

Earning Potential

Sales representatives are almost always paid more than those in technical and administrative positions. Companies often pay a base salary along with commission, incentivizing sales staff to work even harder to close more deals. When it comes to sales, your income is directly related to your job performance and skills, making it very attractive to those who pride themselves on their strong work ethic. There is also some flexibility to sales jobs not found in other positions, where you can set your own schedule to some degree as long as you are meeting your targets.

Job Security

Sales is the backbone of almost every industry. It is a job that you can count on to never go away or become outdated. As long as you continue to perform well, your company continues to see you as an asset, and may work hard to keep you happy and on staff. This often leads to career advancement, raises, and a lot of job security.

Interacting with People

The most successful sales people are also those who genuinely enjoy interacting with other people, learning what their needs are and finding ways to meet them. This helps you feel as though your work makes a difference. Closing a big deal also comes with a sense of accomplishment that is incredibly motivating, even when you are dealing with less than ideal customers.

There are many reasons to choose a career in sales. It is a great field for those passionate for the job, with a lot of potential for advancement, success, and income. If you are a social person who wants a career with meaning and tons of potential, consider pursuing one in sales.

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