Key To a Successful Interview


Congratulations! You just got an invitation for an interview and this could be a great career opportunity. This is your chance to impress the interviewer and get that out-of-this-world job. How can this be achieved?

A. Before the interview

1.   Get prepared 

After accepting an interview invitation, some research to find out a few things about the company should always be your first step. It is expected from the interviewee (you) to show an interest and know something about the company and to know why you will fit in well there. Be prepaid to answer questions like ‘Why do you want to work here’; ‘What do you know about us?’.

2.   Take time to practice

Practice leads to improvement. Conduct “mock” interviews with someone else and get feedback on your answers. You can also record yourself and then evaluate your answers. Of course, you won’t be memorizing the answers at the interview but this will help with how you articulate yourself during.

3.   Dress for interview success

Make sure to choose your outfit in advance. Preferably one that makes you look professional and is appropriate for the position you’re applying for. A suitable outfit and appropriate look will make you feel more comfortable and confident. You don’t want to set yourself up for failure by making a negative first impression.

4.   Arriving on time

Always arrive early. It allows for you to get oriented and familiar yourself with the environment. Make sure that you also turn off your cell phone.

B. During the interview

5.   Be polite and confident

Be polite and carry yourself in a confident manner. Interviewers want to see someone who enjoys a challenge, is communicative and enthusiastic. Be ready to present your knowledge, experience, skills, and abilities as requested.

6.   Effective communication

Interviewers favor candidates who think on their feet and know how to effectively communicate their thoughts. You should make sure that you are answering the questions in a correct and professional manner. Use intonation and raise your tone when you would like to emphasize to express enthusiasm, for example. Also, pay close attention to your body language, including facial expressions, gestures, and posture.

7.   Pay attention

Pay attention to the questions that the interviewer asks. Avoid being wordy and disclosing information that can disrupt the flow of the conversation. Provide good quality information that is meaningful and relevant to the job vacancy.

8.   Behavior and attitude

Your behaviour and attitude during the interview are crucial although typically, there are no pre-requisites regarding personality and character. A person who provides unprofessional and lazy answers will usually end up being rejected.

C. Post interview

9.   Self – evaluation

By the end of each interview always proceed to reflect and think about the interview you have completed. Regardless of whether you get hired or not, it always serves everyone well to reflect on anything, not just work in a constructive manner.

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