Our Courses


One of EuropeFX’s innovative and unique characteristics is the provision of training opportunities to people who relish the chance to mature and develop as professionals and rise to the top of their chosen career path. 

We appreciate talent, dedication and individuality and strive to offer the most desirable work environment that will help each person achieve their fullest potential. 

Our expertise is rooted in both successful sales experience and training.  With our selling experience, tips, techniques and material we base the training on real-life situations that will help you to create deep, rich and relevant experience, enabling your growth as a professional.

Methods and Techniques 

A fully integrated training course (in person and online) is provided by our experts. The courses are specifically developed based on adult learning models. 

Learning Environment

You will spend at least one full day with us in a classroom environment, so we aim to keep things comfortable and engaging. The lessons were specifically developed to encourage active participation with interactive workshops, simulations and authentic situations. 

Continued Support

Throughout the training, our experts will give you a fully toolkit and all the resources they use as professionals. 

Follow your dreams and realize your full potential by attending one of the EuropeFX courses!  

Why attend a EuropeFX training course?

• Tailored courses specifically designed by and for FX professionals. 

• Develop your skills through the best practices and inspiring learning communities. 

• High quality material including case studies in a real-world learning environment.

• Effective and targeted activities provided our team of experts in accordance with the highest possible industry standards.